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Understanding How to Create a Vision Board

Visualizing success helps you believe that it can and will happen! And one of the best ways to visualize success is to create a vision board. When done right, your vision board will provide a daily reminder of your dreams and goals. It will inspire you to work hard each day. When you face setbacks, it will motivate you to keep pushing forward.

In this powerful Zoom training session, you’ll learn all the secrets to creating a highly effective vision board that helps you clarify and focus in on your most important goals. You’ll also learn:

  •  How to turn the abstract ideas in your head into real images that infuse you with encouragement and the drive to achieve
  •  What to include on a vision board and what to exclude so that you are able to develop “laser focus” on creating your best possible future
  •  What the real purpose of a vision board is and how to bring this purpose to reality in your own life

As a successful serial entrepreneur, I believe maintaining a vision board has been crucial to my success. In this training, I’ll share what I’ve learned about creating a vision board that truly motivates and serves as a daily reminder of your values, goals and dreams. I’ll tell you what types of things to include on your board and what to leave off as well as how to design the board and where to display it for maximum impact.